In the name of Browsnbeats

Hi, i’m Browsnbeats! Let me tell you a bit more about my artist name.

What’s in a name?
Browsnbeats is a mash of the words ‘brow’, ‘browse’ and ‘beats’. Since childhood, one of my facial features is a partially white eyebrow. I’m known for it and it became a trademark during the earlier stages of my dj career, so it only made sense to include that in my artist name. Here are some things the dictionary has to say about the other words:

browse /braʊz/
• scan through a text, website, or collection of data to gain an impression of the content

beats /biːts/
• (of an instrument) make a rhythmical sound through being struck
• (of the heart) pulsate
• stir (cooking ingredients) vigorously to make a smooth or frothy mixture

Browsing and the beats
In the sequence of steps that happen before you hear me mix two tracks, the first step is browsing. Browsing to find my favorite tracks in a digital record store, so i can include them in my collection in the first place. Or in the club, when i use the browse button on the dj player to scan my USB-sticks, right before i select the track that i’m going to play for you next. Browsing is one of the essences of dj’ing.

The fetal heart rate
Beats are the heart rate of electronic music. It’s the kick that drives a house or techno track. It determines the pace in which we dance. It’s no coincidence that lots of musical pieces are based upon 120 beats per minute. And no, it’s not merely because it’s the default setting in a producer’s Digital Audio Workstation. Results of several isolated experiments that asked participants to tap fingers, walk, or applaud at their own tempo, showed participants moving naturally at a tempo of around 120 bpm (or a 500ms delay in between pulses), according to It’s the fetal heart rate. It’s a tempo that makes us feel happy. It makes us want to dance to the beat. It’s our natural high.

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